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the sound you'll soon forget's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the sound you'll soon forget

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[_&;Saturday 13, 2005 @ 07:03pm]
things have been really crazy lately i feel my grasp on life slipping i dont have a job i barely have enough money for gas so i can get to school thing with ali have been kinda rocky but not to bad we've seen worse i just hope it dosent. the only thing that looks good right nopw is my school but even that is iffy cuz i dont know if i can pay the tuition but anywho i gots to go
their luck

[_&;Tuesday 05, 2005 @ 12:10am]
well lets see saturday sucked me and ali tried to make plans but they fell through sunday was awesome and monday well all i did was fix the garage at my brothers house so that tuesday i can move all my shit
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[_&;Saturday 02, 2005 @ 12:52am]
[ mood | i dont get how thats thirsty ]

today was kool i hung out with ali and erika...well we just went to get lunch together then i left for school...i think i'm the youngest guy in my class everyone else is like a year older than me...my weekend is going to be kinda shitty cuz i have to move all my shit by like monday night...i think my brother my dad and me are going to do it all on sunday not to sure yet...i wanna do something fun this 4th...last year i wanted to take ali to Dodger stadium to watch the fireworks but we got there too late and i felt bad...so i wanna make it up to her and do something fun...but i also wanna be with my friends...we should all get together and light some M80s lol jk but we should all hang out and do something but i dunno if you guys already have plans or even if ali has plans...i guess i'll just play it by ear...well i'm tired goodnight

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[_&;Thursday 30, 2005 @ 12:49am]
[ mood | tired ]

well let me give you guys a quick up date about whats going on in my life (just in case you guys wanna know)
right now i going to UTI i go to school from 7pm to 12am monday to friday and i'm trying to get a job at star ford as a lube tech...but i dunno if i have that job yet i hope i gey it would be kool...its an 8am to 5pm job monday to friday...looks like my only free time is going to be the weekend its going to be rough but its kool i have a lot of support. oh yeah i almost forgot i'm moving in to my older brothers garage i have to move all my stuff sometime this week....but yeah i'm going to try and update every night before i go to bed...we'll see how that goes...if you guys ever wanna hang out on the weekend give me a call if you dont know my cell its (818) 434-0493...or just call to say hi okie dokie i'm going to bed tootles everyone

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[_&;Tuesday 28, 2005 @ 01:07am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

wow here is something i havent done in a while. bet most of you forgotten about me. guess i dont blame you! i would probably forget about a prick who never bother to keep in touch too. and for that i apologize.

i'm going to see how this post turns out if i get enough people to comment then i might start to post more and let you know what i have been up to. if not then i'll just let it be. there sure is a lot of people who i used to talk to that i lost contact with that i wish i hadent. sorry about that

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[_&;Wednesday 15, 2004 @ 08:49pm]
i went for a walk just right now and i was thinking what life would be like if i wasnt in it and i feel like a lot of people would be better off with out me. like my parents they would have a better life cuz they wouldnt need to worry about me and all ways give me money when i need it and it would just be one less mouth to feed my friends if i wasnt around it wouldnt matter cuz i dont hang out with them anymore and my girlfriend she would still have her friends and still have a life i should have died twice once when i was a baby...i was so sick that my brain was going to fry if my fever didnt go down but i lived...the second time was when i was in the car crash i shouldnt haved lived i should have died but no i got away with out a broken bone just a few cuts if i would have died either one of those times do you think you would be the way you are now do you think you would be happier then you are now i think so
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[_&;Tuesday 03, 2004 @ 05:39pm]
well i have to work late tonight i leave in a few minutes and i wont be home untill maybe 5 tomorrow morning but its kool....i miss my baby a lot i cant wait to see her again
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skeetskeetskaat [_&;Monday 02, 2004 @ 12:14am]
well my love has been gone for 3 days now and i miss her like heck...i did something i havent done in a while....i hung out with josh and matt. it was fun i really missed theose kids but yeah i miss ali..she comes back monday at like 5 i cant wait...well thats all folks
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[_&;Tuesday 04, 2004 @ 08:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

its been a month and 6 days since i've been with her and nothing could be better....well i guess the only thing i would change is if my friends got along with her a lil better...to me it seems like they dont like us together or maybe its me wanting to think that...i dunno but i think if i was in there shoes i would just want my friend to be happy....yeah i would be a lil heart broken but if they are happy then so be it....like with mike i was kinda upset that he was going out with whats her face...but then again that was different cause of my own reasons...but anywhoo i'm sorry if you guys feel like i'm ditching you guys but i'm just happy like really happy i havent been this way in like 18 years(hahaha okay maybe not that long but yeah its been a long time)and i dunno i just wanna keep feeling this way...oh and ali if you come on and read this remember I LOVE YOU!!!okay tootles

[_&;Sunday 11, 2004 @ 01:09am]

okay this is my letter of apology.....this goes out to all my friends that i have been neglecting......i'm truly sorry and i just hope you guys can understand how happy i am.....i feel like a kid in a candy store....i havent been this happy in a long time....and i know its not right for me to not talk to you guys anymore...and i'm sorry....i hope you guys find it in your heart to forgive me!!!
okay i'm out, ONE!
nuthin but love,

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[_&;Friday 02, 2004 @ 06:44pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

today was great the end

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starsky and hutch [_&;Saturday 06, 2004 @ 09:28pm]
ok folks i think everyone should knwo abt my cool coolhat. so i was in the mood of a really cool hat so i decided to run out and purchase tommy. camoflauge. its too cool for school.so aside from my really cool hat i hung out with really cool girls. i must say, they are really cool. we bowled drank slurpees and ate dinner with her fam. that was quiet an expierence. so my skateborad. its new. its really cool. it matches tommy. no jennifer isnt camuflauge only tommy. but they both are color coordinated. now im depressed. my life sucks. so my grandpa just passed away, and my friend was diagnosed with rickets disease. i couldnt help but to cry. i cried all night. so as i was walking to the cemetary for some alone time with myself, i almost got ran over by a car. this foolish lady hit me but i got lucky and walked away with shock and a bruise on my leg. jesus says i like to hump a lot at work.
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[_&;Thursday 19, 2004 @ 11:40pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i was just thinking about stuff and i came to realize that i could have fucked up really bad....like if i were to have died how many people would have i made feel guilty.....and then i started to think about other shit like who would come to my funeral....would anyone come....would they cry.....how long before they forget who i was....what kinda impact i made in this world....shit like this makes you think....i'm one lucky kid

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[_&;Monday 16, 2004 @ 11:50am]
[ mood | grateful ]

yeah dont worry i'm okay......my car was wreaked but i'm fine just a lil sore....but this just kinda makes me think twice about a lot of things....well i just dont want people to be worried about me

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[_&;Wednesday 04, 2004 @ 09:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]

alright kids i just want to say that i'm sick but its okay cuz i think i'm getting better...okay on saturday night was fun i went to skateland and finally got to hang out with the coolest chick ever ;) (nikki your the bestest)....hahaha and then adam had to be home by 11 which was cool cuz we had to go to a friends party after...so we dropped off adam and went to johnnys....when we got there, there was a bunch of people that i didnt know and like a handful that i did....we got there kinda late and most of the alcohol was gone....but i wasnt planning on getting shit faced so it was all good...i had about 3 drinks and i was cool....and then the party was getting lame so we took off....matt dropped everyone off and i wasnt going to drive home so i asked matt if i could crash at his house since his parents were out of town....when i got there i was out in the cold talking on the fone to the coolest person ever!!!!...hahaha yeah it was nikki....lol but yeah and then it was getting late and i was getting numb but i didnt really wanna get off the fone but she made me....and then i went inside munched on so snacks and then passed out...woke up at like 1 the next day and remembered that i had work so i called in sick then at like 3 matt took me to my car...i drove home and got online for a bit and that was my weekend...i have to say it was a good one....hey nikki we have to play again okay kids i'm out....ToOtLeS!!!!!!

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[_&;Saturday 31, 2004 @ 06:08pm]
[ mood | whatevers ]

what this...whats this.........hold the fone....rj is updating his lj.....woop woop....lol but its not going to be anything special cuz no one really posts in mine cuz i'm not a kool kid like some other kids.....but yeah i'm going to skateland then going to a friends party so whatever lates

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[_&;Sunday 11, 2004 @ 12:43pm]
[ mood | sad ]

the path that had been laid before me has gone.....gone like the feelings you once had for me

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[_&;Sunday 11, 2004 @ 03:04am]
[ mood | confused ]

if you wanna know what happened to me on friday go to matts lfallenshadows
























i need help..........i'm lost........the mixed signals have thrown me off course....i dont think i'll ever find my way home again :- / !!!!!!

their luck

[_&;Friday 09, 2004 @ 11:06am]
[ mood | scared ]

the past few days have been really stressful wednesday i got picked up by my recruiter at like 1:50 pm i had to come to the office and fill out some papers work...then after that we went to go get my fingerprints and then they took me and another guy to the hotel....that place was nice...okay yeah so we checked in ate and then i tried calling someone but noone answered i felt unwanted....i really need someone to talk to that night to i was kinda scared...but yeah so after i didnt get in touch with that person i went to bed cuz i had to wake up at like 3:00am so i set the alarm for 2:30 but i woke up at like 12 and couldnt go back to sleep so i just chilled in bed until 2:30 took a shower and then ate brakefast....they i went to the meds....man that was hecktic....i didnt get out of that place until like 7:30 didnt get home until 8:30 cuz of traffic.....then i went to my brothers house to let him know whats up....then i knocked out at his house....then this morning i had to go back and swear in...its official i'm a sailor...well not really i have to pass bootcamp....anywhoo yeah my job is going to be IT which means information technician soo i'm just going to be working with comps all day long fixing them programing them all the shit that you learn at ITTech i'll be paid to learn that hahahahah life is starting to look good....i leave september 21 :/ i'm scared i have so many friends new and old that i'm going to miss A LOT!!!!! yeah i have the day off so hopefully i'll chill with them night okay kids thats all for today....TOOTLES!!!!!!!!

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[_&;Sunday 04, 2004 @ 11:57pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

yeah i couldnt stop thinking about you......i just hope that your feeling the same or else i'll feel dumb :/..........so everyone cross your fingers.....i know i am ;)

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